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When cubes get placed in water, they "glo" and instantly come to life!

The cubes are non-toxic. :) All of our products undergo stringent safety testing. Our products are designed in the United States and conform to all applicable laws. Our products also conform to all certifications enforced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Plastic products are certified BPA and Phthalate free. Electronics are sealed inside of plastic and are not user accessible. Products were sized to alleviate choking concerns, however, the Glo Pals are designed only for children ages 3 and older. Glo Pals are patented under USA Patents US10045655 and US10119699. Glo is a Registered Trademark of Vibe, LLC

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Glocubes Birthday Party 12pack

These custom birthday cubes are perfect for celebrating with friends! This Glo pack features our original cubes that cycle through nine colors. The solid black cubes are perfect for any color scheme.  Glo packs come in an ice cube tray with 12...
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