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100% cotton fabrics. There's a flexible wire in the nose part to keep it formed to your nose and stop the glasses fogging, 2 layers thick. Masks are washable, hand washing is best, or wash in a lingerie bag on delicate cycle to keep wire from getting misshapen. Wash before use.
**These face masks do not prevent COVID-19, as with any homemade mask none will keep you from getting coronavirus, they are not N95 masks.

 "According to the CDC's new guidelines, members of the general public should wear cloth masks outside their homes, whether or not they're sick. They can be washed and reused. Some infected people don't have symptoms and can unknowingly spread the virus to others; homemade and other cloth face coverings can help prevent that. At the same time, people wearing cloth masks should take the same precautions as before, including social distancing and hand washing."