About Us


I began sewing when I was in Jr. high school and spent countless hours learning from my Grandma, who could make just about anything without a pattern. I continued to improve to adulthood by doing small projects for friends and myself. After acquiring a degree in Graphic Arts, working my way up to senior management in women's retail, and getting married, I found myself pregnant with twins and searching for a way to stay productive.

A few years earlier my oldest daughter had received a duck hooded towel for her 1st birthday, and refused to get out of the tub if she didn't have her ducky towel. That Christmas, I made up 6 styles that reflected the personalities of my nieces and nephews and sent them as presents. They developed the same attachment to their towels as my daughter had. The following year when I talked to family about Christmas, they all commented about how their children still loved their hooded towels.

In April 2002 my twins were born. Six months later "Yikes Twins!!" became more than just the family mantra, it became my business and contribution to our family's way of life. To date I have designed 28 styles (20 that are currently available) that fit kids birth to 8 years. I've added 8 designs of matching slippers, and new patterned fabric hooded towels, matching swaddles, bibs and lovies.  This fall I'm adding 4 more lovey blanket designs, Elephant, Giraffe, Puppy and a Dinosaur because they're such great sellers!

Everything that you find on my website is, held to the highest standards for quality and reliability and I personally guarantee your satisfaction and your child's love of my products.


Wendy Carter