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 Say goodbye to bath time troubles!! Your little ones will beg you to bathe just so they can get out and wear these fun and imaginative hooded towels. offers top quality, 100% cotton, hooded towels in a variety of unique styles. Towel size 27"x51", hood size 10"x 8.5".  They are big enough for kids from 2 to 8 years old and sturdy enough to last until they grow out of them.  
Matching 8 styles of the children's towels are these fun slippers.  They are designed to match Yikes Twins best-selling towel styles. They are plush and sturdy, using the same 100% cotton terry colors as the towel line.
They come in 2 sizes;
size 2-4 yrs, that fit Toddler shoe sizes 3.5-8.
size 4-6 yrs that fit children's shoe sizes 9-11