FAQ: How our towels fit on all ages

FAQ: How our towels fit on all ages

Posted by Wendy Carter on Aug 2nd 2020

So you got your little one a Yikestwins hooded towel and they love it! They use it every bath time, they drag it to the pool to show off to their friends, and even bring it to the beach! BUT, Uh oh, big bro or little sis seems a little jealous about not having a towel of their own… No worries! With two different sizes of Children’s Hooded towels available we’re here to help you keep the whole family happy and dry! 

Our most popular size that fits the most ranges of ages is the Children’s Hooded Towels. They fit ages 2-8yrs old and include a nice big hood and full-size towel to wrap around your little ones. In the picture below you can see how the lengths of the towels vary based on the child’s height. The Shark is shown on a 6-year-old, the Unicorn on a 2-year-old, and the Alligator on 4-year-old. Though they all fall at different lengths the towel is always wide enough to wrap around your kiddos and keep them dry.

Is your little one too little for our children’s size towel? Then check out our infant-sized patterned hooded towels. They fit Birth to 2 years old, with a smaller hood and smaller towel it’s perfect for bundling up your babies after bath time. In the picture below you can see how our infant size fits!

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